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Q: What's your insider secret as a wedding pro?


Know how to handle the stress before it hits you. That would be the number one advice that I would give a couple starting to plan their wedding. Listen, we all know that planning your wedding could be literally the most stressful time of your life. And it really shouldn’t be. It should be a joyful time. Yeah, sure, there’s going to be lots of stress and lots of decisions and lots of deadlines that you’ve got to hit. But the end of the day, it should be joyful, right? You’re starting to create one of the most special days of your life. And as soon as that stress hits and it’s not joyful, you need to stop and put a hole on everything. What I’d like for you to do is really think now before it begins on how you handle stress, right? Is it exercise? Is it meditation? Personally, what I would suggest is before you start this, really start a nice bond with your party planner. You’ve hired them for a reason. You hire them because you trust them, because you like them, because they would be your friend outside of this craziness of planning a wedding. So depend on them when it starts to get out of hand, lean on them. They’ve done this before and they can really help you pull you out of that rut and get you back on the right track, because it should be a joyful time. So many times I see a couple sitting in front of me at a meeting and I see that expression on their face and I say to them, guys, stop now and let’s regroup because this is the most important time of your life. We want that very special day. But you also don’t want those bad memories of what a nightmare it was leading up to that special day, right? So think about that. Think about how you handle stress. Put an end to it and it’ll be a little easier if it does become overwhelming because you’re actually prepared on how to handle it. That’s the most important thing I would say to a couple starting down this crazy road of planning a wedding.

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