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Q: What’s the most extravagant/coolest wedding you’ve ever worked?


So if I asked you what kind of wedding would you throw? If you could throw any kind of wedding you could possibly imagine, what would you say? Well, we had a client that came to us and said joe, we could have 1000 people at our wedding and spend bookoo bucks or we could spend that same budget and only have 21 of the most special people in our lives. That’s exactly what they did. And this is why it was one of my most special weddings that I’ve ever been lucky enough have to produce. Cocktails started off in the living room of their really magnificent home. The bride wore this really spectacular black wedding gown just for the cocktail hour. And then she slipped into a ivory brocade couture wedding gown for the ceremony. Ceremony took place on the staircase of the grand ballroom of their home. Yes, grand ballroom of their home. We dressed that staircase with about 5000 orchids and about 7000 cabbage roses. That really captivated the whole area of the staircase and really made it very, very romantic. From there, the guests were taken to one long, dramatic table for dinner. The dinner was nine courses long and we were lucky enough to commission a wonderful musician in our area to create music for each of the nine courses that was serviced by 21 butlers that were servicing the 21 guests. So that was really magnificent. And it was just such an amazing experience for not only myself to be a part of it but definitely for the guests to be attending. Each of the guests were then, at the end of the evening, given a favor. But this favor was personally chosen by the bride and groom that then presented it to each of the guests as they were leaving the special evening just to let them know how important it was for them to be there. And obviously, they would always look at that very special gift and know that they were a part of a wonderful beginning of a wonderful marriage. So that was my favorite wedding. So interested to hear what yours might be?

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