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Q: What wedding moment made you cry your eyes out?


We have planned hundreds of weddings, but I will never forget this wedding that truly made me cry. And honestly, thinking about it now is getting me teary eyed. A bride had just lost her dad two weeks before the wedding. They tried to have the wedding as soon as they can so that he could be a part because he had cancer. But she had like, three brothers, she had a lot of uncles and they all were in attendance to the wedding and she didn’t think that she was going to do the father daughter dance, so she got rid of it. But I talked with her mom and her fiance and found like, what her dad’s favorite song was going to be. Talked with the DJ and the DJ played this song. We had her to come up and each one of her brothers took turns and gave her a hug and danced with her. And all of these people represented her dad for her on the day. So it was really, truly a special moment, a special time, and it just let her know and felt like he was there, even though he couldn’t be there, there were people there that would fill in the gap and fill in the shoe. Oh, I’m sorry, fill in the gap for him during that time. As a planner, we really and truly think about the wedding day forwards and backwards, inside and out, and our job is just to really make sure that everyone is comfortable and having a great day. And I think adding that moment to represent her dad truly will be something she remembers forever, but also lets her know that although he has passed away, you still have a team of guys that’s willing to be there for you.

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