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Q: What should be in the welcome toast? Advice for a nervous groom.


Oh, a nervous groom. I’m sorry you’re even in this position and stressing about it. But I do have some ideas. Try not to do it alone. If your bride is going to be up there with you, then share the microphone and keep it short and sweet. So maybe you do the first part, she does a longer middle part and then you do the end kind of bookend her comments. Or if you’re willing to be creative and a little cute and funny, maybe kind of do like a mad libs kind of thing where she does most of the talking, but then you have figured out in advance certain words that you’ll say so she could say well, we want to thank you all for being and then you say here it really means a lot to us that you all took the time. Something like that could be cute. But I say, number one, definitely be yourself. Don’t try to be something that you’re not because it’s going to come off as inauthentic. So don’t be funny if that’s not your normal way of being. Don’t be serious if that’s not your normal way of being. Don’t try to be super emotional if that’s not who you are. So stay true to yourself. Don’t drink too much before you do it. A little liquid courage is fine, but don’t go overboard because that’s not going to be a good luck. And maybe have something waiting for you when you’re done, but definitely in advance. Keep the drinking reasonable. And I would say share that spotlight, share that microphone with your bride. And the things that you should make sure to say are thank yous. Thank yous to your guests for coming. Thank yous to your bridal party, for being so awesome and supportive. Thank you to your families, especially your parents, grandparents, siblings, and definitely, ah, say some wonderful things about your new wife and that’s really all you need to say. So keep it short, keep it sweet, share the mic if you can, and just be yourself. Bye.

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