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Q: What kind of space, and what do I need to provide, for hair and makeup on the wedding morning?


This is a question you definitely want to ask your individual artists, but the fact that you’re clicking on this question that you even care tells me you are the exact types of brides that we like to work with. So thank you. Thank you from whoever your artist is. I love that you’re already thinking about this. Some of the things that we ask our brides to keep in mind are to make sure to have plenty of table space for the makeup artists. Coffee tables don’t necessarily work because it’s really hard on our backs to keep reaching down. I mean, if you think about how many times we’re grabbing for products, that would mean we’d be reaching down like, 50 to 60 times throughout the day. So they need to be counter height. Our team, we bring our own chairs and our own makeup lights, so really that table space is key. And then also something to think about for both hair and makeup is just ample space. I think a lot of times our brides don’t think about how many people are actually going to be in the room, so just allowing extra space and access to outlets. And then another thing to think about is to provide an area that’s away from exit or walkways, because that can be a little tricky. And then here is my little pro tip for you. I highly recommend choosing someone who is going to be responsible for answering the door. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to step away to let somebody into the room, because we’re polite people and we’re going to serve. So if there’s a need, we’re going to meet it. But it really can interrupt the flow of the hair and makeup for the big day.

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