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Q: What do I need to look for (specifically) when proofing my wedding stationery?


Okay, let’s talk about proofreading 101 with the help of some visual AIDS. First, what are you looking for? You’re looking for typographical, errors, mistakes in content, layout, format, and punctuation. First thing you want to do is forget everything you know about reading. When you’re proofreading a document, you want to start from the bottom them and from the left. You want to read left to right, bottom to top. That will stop your brain from being able to autocorrect any mistakes and change it to what it should be. When you read bottom to top and backwards, you’re isolating each word by word, and you can easily identify anything that’s a mistake, that’s out of order, that’s out of syntax, that’s spelled wrong, or just doesn’t belong where you see it. So, bottom to top, left to right, reading completely backwards, isolating, don’t allow your brain to autocorrect. You’re going to be looking for every single detail. You can go back to your basics. Is this your correct wedding date? Time, location, year? When you start looking at the enclosures, you want to make sure that every element reflects exactly what your wedding information needs to show. As a wedding stationery person, I am working with thousands of documents any given day. Six brides with the same name, four weddings on the same date. I can make mistakes. You can make mistakes. We all make mistakes. But proofreading is our key to making sure those mistakes don’t go to print. So you’re looking for anything that’s out of sorts, spelled incorrectly, formatted incorrectly, or presenting the wrong content. And you want to read it backwards and bottom to top. Good luck.

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