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Q: What do couples forget to do before the wedding regarding their jewelry?


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Your jewelry is going to be in so many photos on your wedding day, especially if you do the detail photos in the flat. Lays you want to make sure that they are looking their best. You can get them cleaned professionally by a jeweler a few days before, or you can clean it yourself the morning of using dish soap, a toothbrush and some warm water. But after you clean it, make sure you don’t wear it while you’re getting your hair done or getting your makeup done, because the hairspray is going to get on there, the powders are going on there, and it’s not going to look its best. So set it aside in its ring box for the photographer to do their detailed shots. And then after you’re all done up and ready, you can put it back on and then go into the ceremony with them looking sparkly and brand new.

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