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Q: What can we do to make our wedding eco-friendly?


This is a great question. Here are my top three tips. Number one, consider the venue very carefully. Think about the location and how convenient it is for where most of your guests are coming from and to where you want to be located for all the things on your wedding weekend. Also, think about if the venue has most things in house, like tables, chairs, linens, lounge furniture, tabletop items, and the food and drinks. If that stuff is in house, then you don’t need a bunch of trucks coming and going on your wedding day to make deliveries and pickups. This will significantly cut down on carbon emissions. Number two, book local wedding vendors with ecofriendly practices, especially caterers and florists. If they are eco friendly, they will have smart waste management and prioritize composting. They source their ingredients and flowers locally and seasonally, and they don’t use things like flower foam styrofoam to transport. Number three, provide a shuttle for your guests. This will significantly cut down on the number of cars coming and going on your wedding day. All right, that’s it for now.

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