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Q: Should I have "day old or dirty hair" when getting my hair done on my wedding day?


Please do hair artists everywhere a favor and show up with clean hair. I cannot tell you how many times a bridesmaid will roll in with day old or three day old or even five day old hair acting like they’re doing us a favor, when in fact we set instructions that we want clean hair. And here’s why we want clean hair, because we can dirty the hair up with our own products that we know how they will perform. Whereas when you show up with dirty old hair, we don’t know what we’re getting into. And oftentimes you have to spend a lot of time and grunt work kind of trying to get that day old hair out of your hair. There are only two exceptions to this. One is if you have textured hair, definitely talk to your hairstylist about how they want you to come to the appointment. Oftentimes they will have you come with your curls already set from the day before, how you like them. The second would be is if you had a professional blowout the night before as directed by your hairstylist. So always make sure you’re in good communication with your stylist. And please, please, bridesmaids, follow the directions, follow the instructions. You will make our lives so much easier.

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