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Q: Should I get a spray tan before my wedding? When? Do's and don’ts?


Spray tans are one of those love em or leave em type of things. I personally love them, and here’s why. I feel that a nice little spray tan can go so far for helping you to look beautiful in photos. I love beautiful skin at any tone, but something about a spray tan against a white or cream dress just looks absolutely beautiful. However, there are some things to keep in mind. I definitely recommend you want to try it out ahead of time and try a couple of different people, because not all spray tans are created equal. There’s different application techniques, and also a lot of spray tan artists have custom formulas that are like their proprietary blend. So I highly recommend trying a couple out. Finding your person. I recommend for the week of the wedding, getting that spray tan three days in advance. I think that’s the perfect amount of time to have it still looking fresh, but not so fresh that it’s getting on everything. And on that note, you will need to be prepared that it still will rub off on your dress regardless of when you get it. So if that’s a deal breaker for you, then you won’t want to get a spray tan. Another thing that can be kind of a controversial topic is whether or not to have your face spray tanned. I’m in the camp of, yes, please have your face spray tanned and actually do an extra coat. Our face has lots of oils, and typically we wash it more often or more vigorously so the spray tan can fade faster. And as a makeup artist, it makes my job so much easier if you have that spray tan on the face and the body, because then it matches. Some spray tan artists don’t spray the face, and what it does is it creates more work for us as makeup artists, because then we’re having to really level up your foundation to match your body. Another benefit of being spray tanned is that your teeth look wider. Just saying. Lastly, here’s a little bonus for getting your spray tan is it can even out your tan lines from summer. So if you have a highly skilled spray tan artist, yes, they are capable of evening this out, which makes all the difference in your photos.

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