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Q: My wedding is one month away- what have I forgotten?


One month before the wedding and that is the time that you need to make sure that your family and friends are in the know. A lot of time people forget to do things during this month that can help make the day go smoother and keep you less stressed. So some things I want to make sure that you have not forgotten. Have you told which family members are actually sitting on that first and second row? Have you talk to your efficient about what to say at the very end of the ceremony to get your guest to go to cocktail hour? Do you have a cake cutter? What about a cake stand? Did you pack extra batteries? Will there actually be a guest book? If so, are there pins? There are certain things that you need to do in this one month. Literally break down your wedding and break down the elements. If you have a cake, like, what do I need for this cake? I need a cake stand. I need a cake cutter. Okay, next for the ceremony. What do I need for the ceremony? I have a flower girl. Does the flower girl have a basket? Does the flower girl actually have flowers? Who is holding the ring? Oh, have I got my rings clean? Everything should kind of be a spider web. You start with one category of your wedding and spider web it out. But most importantly, did you bring the marriage license? Do you have it? Did you apply for it? Don’t forget that.

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