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Q: If a wedding genie suddenly appeared and gave your couple $5,000 for something special on their wedding- would you recommend spending it on fun late night food or elaborate welcome bags for their guests? Why?


It’s a wedding genie. Where are you? I mean, if there was a wedding genie, we are going with a late night snack. Let me tell you, your guests love food. And when they walk away from wedding days, that is one of the top things they remember is what did we eat? Was it hot? What was it like? What is that experience? So if we can leave them with an ending experience to be hey, what if it’s an ice cream truck? What if it’s a taco truck? What if it was like grilled cheese? Or what if you went to a special college or school and your late night snack was that particular thing that your college friends would remember? Go with that. Always go with the food. I mean, gift bags is a good idea, but to walk away and say I had an in and out burger from when we were in college I’m just saying late night snack it is.

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