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Q: How can I cut costs?


So when trying to save money of course the obvious answer is going to be reuse everything as much as possible. So if this is a lounge set you’re going to want to try to see do we have any furniture we can bring? Is there any items at the venue that we can use? Rentals get really expensive really fast and so something that I always tell my clients is to maybe decorate just the head table. If you have maybe either a head table or VIP tables for family maybe that’s where you do the rented flatware, the chargers, the fancy plates, the extra napkins, fancier linens and just dress up those tables for the photos and then your guest tables can have more of just a simplified version of that. That’s something that gives you that pinterest look that everyone else is showing. I think styled shoots sometimes mislead people and they see this really beautiful tablescape but it’s just not realistic for 100 plus guests. So that’s one thing I always recommend. As far as decor goes, floral is a really big thing to reuse. So as often as possible you’re going to want to try to use everything from ceremony to reception. So that could be bridal bouquets, cut out boutonnieres you don’t need them, you don’t need the corsages for the mothers. Take the arch pieces, use them behind your table for later, use them to spruce up your cake, put the bouquets on table arrangements, put them on the bar. You can always ask for extra just greenery and kind of flat lay to just spread out. Of course you’re going to need somebody to help you move all of this. So either the floor is going to need to stay which could be an extra cost or you could have someone from the bridal party help move everything over but reuse as much as possible. Another thing is going to be of course when it comes to catering, buffet versus plated. If you are set on a plated menu, see what you can do. Could you maybe do a plated salad and then guest it up for buffet? Or could you maybe do a duo option and have guests have a little portion of chicken and a little portion of beef instead of having them choose chicken or beef that cuts down on the amount of servers they need, the amount of labor that goes into it. So there’s a lot of things you can always ask, ask your DJ. Maybe they don’t need to be there as long as they thought. Maybe your photographer. You don’t need a second shooter or maybe your second shooter can go home early or come later. There’s a lot of ways to cut costs if you just ask your vendors. But realistically I would say reuse see hours, how many are needed and think of alternative options to still give that elevated experience. Ants without that cost. So that would be where that example of the food comes into play. And I think that’s a really great thing and not a lot of people do is to have all your guests sit down. They get a plated salad, either already when they arrive to their seat or they’re brought one. And then as they’re finished with plated salads, they’ll be escorted to the buffet to pick up the rest of their food. And I think that just kind of gives it an upgraded element. Hopefully that helps.

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