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Q: Can I use the bridesmaids bouquets as center pieces?


You bridesmaids bouquets. Can you reuse them during your reception? Yes, and you should. It’s a great cost savings. You’ve already paid for them once. They’re beautiful. And regardless of their size, you should absolutely reuse them during your reception. There probably will not be centerpieces because the centerpieces for your tables will be a different size and scope. But there are two ways that I love to use bridesmaid’s bouquets. One is decor for your sweetheart table, in which case you would just make sure with your florist that you have vases, that the bridesmaid’s bouquets can just be plopped right into with a little bit of water on the bottom and that and some votive candles. And your sweetheart table is probably all set. The other way I like to use them is to lay them flat on the cake table and all around the cake table. And depending on how many you have, you can layer them or you can put votive candles in between. But laying them flat on the cake table or in vases on your sweetheart table is a really, really great way to reuse your bridesmaid’s bouquets during your reception. Cheers.

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