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Q: Are second photographers really necessary or are they a way for the photographer to increase the price?


My answer to this question might surprise you. My name is Megan Hansen, and I am a social worker turned photographer for the Megan Hansen Collective. How I would answer this question depends on what your wedding timeline looks like. If you have a wedding timeline that is a bit more spread out, you have some wiggle room, you are able to you in more hours of coverage with your photographer then one person, I think, is perfectly capable of covering everything that needs to be done. Right. However, if you have a timeline that’s pretty tightly packed and there’s not much space, you’re probably going to want that second photographer. It allows for two things to be happening at the exact same time and both being covered. Right. So if your bride is getting ready, you, the bride, are getting ready. One photographer is with you capturing those bridal portraits and all of those special moments while that second photographer is with your groom at the same time while he’s getting ready doing groom portraits versus that one person having to go back and forth, which obviously takes up more time. The other reason you would want a second photographer is if you really want those second angles, most specifically for the ceremony, I personally think is important. So, with my company, we would normally have someone placed in the front of the aisle for a ceremony, capturing the bride as she’s coming down, and then someone at the back of the aisle capturing the groom’s reaction as the bride comes down. So if you have a shorter timeline or you like the versatility of having two angles, then, yes, you will want the second photographer. If those things aren’t important to you, then the second photographer won’t be either. All.

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