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Q: Why don’t vendors put pricing on their websites?


Gosh, this is such a great question. Why don’t advanced professionals put pricing on their websites? And should they? Or, you know, I know some do. I can speak from my experience as a wedding planner. The services that I offer are not often understood. And so if they see a price, .1, thousand, 10,000, $100,000, and they don’t really know what comes with it, oftentimes it’s an automatic turn off and it’s an automatic, like, stop. I don’t want to work with them. But the truth is, when I can have a conversation with a client and explain, or a potential client and explain, this is our pricing, this is how it works, this is the services that we offer. It goes pretty well once the understanding or education, if you will, is put out there. So some vendor categories are very cut and dry. Maybe it’s a DJ, you get 4 hours of service, microphone, et cetera. And this is the price. But for me, as a planner, I know that there’s not a lot of understanding of what we do necessarily or the broad range that we can do. So when we put our price point out there, it can sometimes be shocking if you’re not expecting it. But when you hear why it’s a no brainer.

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