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Q: What is the best timeline to keep people on the dance floor?


If you have a dancing crowd, I would totally give the people what they want and I would have a long dance set. The only thing I would take into account is talking to your band and your DJ and making sure find out when they need to take breaks or what their traditional sets are. I’ve seen it done a couple of ways. Traditionally, what I see is after you do your first dance and your parent dances, we’ll usually see everybody invited up on the dance floor, have a nice like 40 to 60 minutes, depending on where you are and who you’re working with. Dance set, then break for dinner, do your toasts, and then after your toast, sort of roll into like a dance set through the end of the night. That’s when your venue will serve dessert and stuff, and then it’s up to the person. If they want to sit and break and have a coffee and have a piece of cake, great. If they just want to keep dancing, go for it. But talk to your band or your DJ and see what they say. But I think if you add in that little bit of a dance set in the beginning, it’s not going to feel like so hardcore of a dance set at the end of the night.

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