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Q: What are the best bridal lipstick and foundations that will last all day? Tips for keeping the look all day long?


You know, maybe I’m a jerk for saying this, but I think you’re asking the wrong question and here’s why. I’ve been a makeup artist for twelve years. What I can tell you is the best foundation and the best lipstick on all of planet Earth ain’t shit if it’s not prepped the right way. Okay? So if you have oily skin, your prep is going to be different than if you have dry skin. So start right there. Hopefully your makeup artist knows this, okay? In general, oily skin is going to do best and behave best. Get the longest wear out of foundation options that have a matte finish. Doesn’t necessarily have to be full coverage to get a long wear. So remember that the other things to know if you’re oily is prep is going to look different. So you’re probably going to want, for example, your artist will clean your face with something like a bioderma or something like that. They should do a gentle exfoliation with something like these guys. This is just a peel pad, very gentle. Then they’re going to want to do some kind of ceramide serum that is going to keep the skin and the moisture barrier stable. So you’ll be less likely to have oil breakthrough and imbalance interacting with your makeup. Lastly, a moisturizer with mattifier in it will be really helpful. I’m going to show you what I use this guy. Different makeup artists will have different products in their kit. That’s completely okay. But you do want a skin routine that is mattifying and then a priming option that is also mattifying, and a foundation option that is matte to get the longest wear for oily skin. Hopefully they know that if you have dry skin, you want something completely different. None of that matte stuff, mattifying options, none of that serves you. If you have dry skin, remember that too. If you have dry skin, you’re going to probably want a foundation that has a more radiance to it. For example, it might be something like a hydrating foundation, something like that. There are lots of options out there. And again, makeup artists, hopefully if they’re worth their salt, they have options like this in their kit. But preparation is key, maybe especially so for dry people. So you’re going to need something to cleanse the face. Again, something gentle like this. The bioderma will do a great job. A peel pad, something to gently exfoliate. Still really ideal for somebody who has dry skin. Dry skin tends to get more buildup and kind of like flakes on the surface of the skin that will not look pretty under foundation trust. Once you’ve exfoliated, then you want to go in with a serum. Again, those ceramide serums are really super helpful for maintaining the moisture barrier so that your skin does not interact with your complexion products. After that, you’re going to usually want a richer moisturizer depending on how dry you are. There’s a lot of different options. Some makeup artists will even use oils. Those can be really beautiful for dry skin especially. Yeah, if you’re a combo, then your artist actually kind of has to treat each section of your face a little bit differently. They should know that ideally they do. If they don’t reach out to me, I can totally help. But yeah, it’s going to kind of be different depending on you. Same with lips. Lips has less variability, but most folks are going to need some kind of exfoliation on the lip. We don’t want dry crusties like lip peeling that looks gross and weird in photos. You’re going to want some kind of lip priming option. There are lip primers on the market that will actually give you a little hydration and help keep product in place longer. After you’ve primed, you’re going to want to do or your makeup artist will want to do lining. Lining provides a base for any lip product to stay on longer. On top of it, if you’ve worn liner before, you’ve probably already noticed that. And then if you’re really concerned about longevity, a liquid lip is going to give you the best longevity, but it can also give you some dryness. So if you’re already prone to dryness, it may not actually be the best choice for you. If you are super, super concerned about longevity, like you just really want to be perfected from the moment of your wedding until you close down that bar at your reception, then what I would say is book your artist for touchups. You will have way less to think about. You won’t have to think about if your lipstick still looks perfect because they’ll be able to help you. I hope that helps.

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