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Q: Is it a bad idea to wear my hair down on my wedding day?


A beautiful downstyle that will stay all day long can be achieved. And here are some serious considerations to keep in mind. If you want to have your hair down on your wedding day, you need to have a deep look at how you want to spend your wedding morning. Because to create a down hairstyle that is going to stay all day, especially the those Hollywood glam waves that are so on trend right now and so gorgeous, you can expect to spend about 2 hours in the chair just on your hair. You can also expect to spend some money on hair extensions. Now, I hear brides say all the time, oh, I have long hair. I don’t need hair extensions. I’m here to tell you, if you want that look, you need hair extensions. And here’s why. Hair extensions don’t only offer length, they also fill out the bottom of the hair. Because sometimes at our lengths, our hair is a little bit skinnier, and they help to hold the style all day long. They help to hold the curl pattern. Another thing to think about when you’re wanting that style to last all day is how you want to spend your day of your wedding. Because it takes some serious management to make sure that the hair turns out in every photo. We as hair and makeup artists, absolutely love wedding photographers. We have the best relationships with them. And at the same time, I’m here to tell you that they’re not always aware of how the hair looks in photos. So our brides often opt to have us stay on site for their wedding day so that we can make sure that the hair turns out in every photo. Because otherwise you’re going to risk that wind just catching that one piece and ruining the shot. Loop de lose so many things, and especially if you’re in an area that might have some wind, some humidity that’s going to affect your hair as well. And as much as you might think that you can manage that throughout the day, probably if you’re wanting that pinterest worthy photo that you showed at the beginning of your wedding day, you are going to need someone to help you reset your hair and manage it throughout the day. Because the reality is that photo was taken at the beginning of the day, oftentimes right when the hair is done or they’re an actual photo shoot model picture. So you just got to be realistic and think about how do you want to spend your day, what’s your budget? And then on your second question, how can you do a second look to really kind of play up or do something different for your reception? If you’re wanting to do it yourself, there are a couple of different options. Something very easy to do is to have an accessory like a fun hat or a floral crown that you throw on to get a different look. Something else that you can do that. I would say, okay, a lot of brides think I’m going to do a fun high pony. That’s easy. I can do it. Those actually take a lot more skill to have a pony that is photoworthy and looks elevated. So instead, what I would suggest is something like a lower shinyon. This is something that you can practice with your hairstylist if it’s not in your budget to have them stay on site. Maybe set up a second trial where you can ask them to show you how to do it and get a game plan going and do some practice runs. But again, it just is a matter of how much time you want to spend on that and then also what your budget is. So I hope this helps. Thank you so much for checking in to these questions. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to get to have some real conversations with you guys about topics that come up for us all the time.

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