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Q: My event details changed AFTER I sent out my save the dates/invites. What should I do?


What do you do if the event details have changed after you’ve already sent out the save the dates or the wedding invitations? Ideally you can collect email addresses or cell phone numbers and just type away. So a simple email. Or if you want it to be a little more put together and polished, you could do something like a flyer on paperless, post or one of the other awesome sites for online invitations similar to an evite, but less ads. And that would be a great way to communicate with people. And then I think you can also see if they’ve opened it and read it. Text is another way or the last thought is just do like a quick postcard and send it out. That’s a little more money as far as printing and postage, but I think digitally is the best way to try to get the word out about your changes. And if everything is on your wedding website, then the text or the email can say there’s been changes to our schedule, please check the wedding website. So those are some thoughts. Things happen and using the technology available to us is probably the quickest and easiest way to update your guests.

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