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Q: Is there really a wedding markup?


Is there a wedding markup? Are wedding vendors just greedy jerks who want to fleece you? No, we are generally honest, hardworking, creative people who want to be paid fairly for our time. Do I have a wedding markup? As an event planner in the Philadelphia area? No, I don’t. But I mostly charge by the hour and so wedding involves more hours. But my rate is the same whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding. Other vendors might have a wedding markup because it involves more back and forth between the couple. It could be for invitations, it could be for photography or videography, it could be catering. These details when it involves a wedding probably take a lot more time than an event that is more simple and cut and dry. And so if your vendor is charging you a flat rate then then they need to be compensated for all of that back and forth and revision and customization. And that’s why it may seem like it’s a markup, but it is really just being compensated for the time.

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