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Q: Is it ok for me to ask my bridesmaids to not have my hairstyle on my wedding day?


I guess my question is what bridesmaid is not going to be okay with you making a request like this? Do you need new friends if they won’t let you look special on your wedding day? I’m mostly kidding. But I have been a makeup artist for twelve years, and what I can say I don’t do hair. But what I can say when it comes to beauty, it is completely okay to make requests of your friends and the people that are in your party. Ideally, they already get that it’s a special day for you. So if you need my permission, or maybe you need the words, here’s how I might word it. I might say hey friend, I’m thinking of doing my hair like this as a braid or a bun or whatever it might be. I think that I’d like to have all the party members have a different hairstyle so that mine stands out. Are you cool with that? I bet they’ll be okay with it.

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