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Q: How much time should I plan for hair/makeup services?


1 hour per service is your sweet spot. And here’s why. I have a team of over 20 artists. We have played with every timeline known to man. Yes, we can do a service in 30 minutes. We can do a service in 45 minutes. However, the 1 hour sweet spot is perfect, because what it does is it allows a little wiggle room in case something goes wrong. It allows for someone being a couple of minutes late to the chair. It allows for being thrown a curveball and somebody wanting a more intricate look. It allows time for us to wash our brushes and reset in between. And also, it helps you to feel pampered, because you are not just a number to us. We want you to feel pampered. We want to give you the time and attention that you deserve, that you’re paying for. And each service, in addition to obviously doing the upstyle or doing the makeup look, we have to do a proper consultation with each person, talk about what their comfort level is, what they’re envisioning. We like to go through their inspiration photos and discuss what it is they like about the inspiration photos because there’s a little time that needs to be allotted for that, because the picture can say a thousand words. So we need to make sure that we’re clear what you’re communicating with us. It also allows ample time for those foundational techniques. So if you have an artist that’s like, no, I can whip it out in 30 minutes, and they’re trying to cram as many people as they can, probably so that they can make some more money, then what you run is the risk of that look not holding. Because there are certain things that take time. There are certain foundational techniques we need to do to make sure that curls hold, that pins stay, that makeup lasts. There is one caveat if you are desiring a more intricate style, you have hair extensions. You want a Hollywood glam wave? You want that instagram makeup. Then you’ll want to allow some more time, probably an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes, even 2 hours. Whatever your artist suggests, go with that. But again, be forewarned. If they’re saying they can do people and 30 to 45 minutes, that to me, would be a red flag.

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