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Q: How do I talk to my mom, who never wears makeup, about her hair and makeup for the wedding? I would like for her to get hers done but she doesn’t think she needs it.


Moms are just as much a VIP as the bride. What I will say to you is this your wedding is an amazing opportunity for you to get closer to your mom relationship, build with her, and have conversations about beauty. Up until probably the last ten to 15 years, hair and makeup was typically passed down from mother to daughter. That’s who we learned from. And if you weren’t shown own how to do your own hair and makeup, then typically it’s not something that you ever learned. Now, it’s a little different with Instagram and YouTube, but you have to remember that all the generations before us didn’t have access to it. So most likely, if your mom isn’t comfortable doing her own hair and makeup, it’s just that she’s never been taught to, and now she has years and years of not seeing herself in that light, and that’s okay. I would just invite you to approach her with compassion and love and again, use this as an opportunity to build a relationship. I think that that getting ready time in the morning is one of the most beautiful moments of your wedding, where you can have that girl time, because once the wedding starts, you’re focused on your groom and your guests and all the festivities that go along with it. But that getting ready time is such an intimate space. So I would talk to your mom about wanting to share an experience with her. Make it about the relationship, make it about the memories and the experience you want to share with her. And that will help to take a little bit of the stress off of it being about what she looks like, or it being about the hair and makeup services specifically. Let her know this is an opportunity for her to be pampered and her to be included, and it’s just something you want to share with her. A last thought I will leave you with. We have had the honor of doing makeup for so many moms and grandmas and aunties. I’m getting emotional even thinking about it. But when these people move on, when they’re no longer with us and we’re pulling pictures to memorialize our time with them here on this earth, oftentimes we look to those wedding photos. And it means so much when I have my brides reach out and share to me that they’re so thankful that their mom got the makeup services and they’ve never seen them look so beautiful, and they have that photo for the rest of their lives. So I just leave you with that. It’s a really special time. It’s tender moments in the mornings before your big day, and it truly is an experience that will last a lifetime.

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