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Anyone making their own centerpieces?

Home Forums DIY Tips Anyone making their own centerpieces?

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    Avatar photoNora Wright

    Is this too big of task for me to undertake?  There will be 11 tables.

    Avatar photoKaye

    Oof, this seems like a lot to take on but if you keep them small and easy it might be doable.  What are you thinking to make?  My friend and her mom made the centerpeices for her wedding and they dropped them off at the golf course (reception) the morning of the wedding.  The staff put them on the tables but she was a wreck thinking if they would be there and correct when her guests showed up.

    Avatar photoKarin

    Depending on what you are thinking, it could be a fun activity to have friends and/or family help do the day before the wedding.  Agree with Kaye that if you get the centerpieces small and simple it could be doable!  And simple sometimes is the best.

    Avatar photoRobin Sloan

    We are interviewing celebrity wedding planner, Danielle Leilani, today and will ask her this questions. She’s planned 500+ events and will have some good insight!  We will post her reply.


    Avatar photoverveeventco

    You also want to think about when your wedding will be. Flowers are sensitive to heat and cold. If you make them in advance of your wedding, you’ll want to store your flowers in a cool, dry place. Your refrigerator is not the right place because it’s too cold, but think about how florists have coolers specifically for their flowers. If your wedding is in the summer, you’ll want to make sure the flowers don’t start to wilt too early. Plus, it’s just a lot of stress on the wedding day to do it all. I would practice way in advance of the wedding to make sure you’re okay and happy with the results before taking it on. If you’re doing something simple, you’re probably be okay, but it takes work to make those arrangements look effortless! Also ask the venue if they have a proper place to store the flowers if you plan on dropping them off early. And finally, think about how you’re going to transport all those centerpieces. Florists have special trays they use so the flowers don’t fall over during transport. They’ll take up a lot of space during transport, as well. Let us know what you do and good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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