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Avatar photoverveeventco

I just interviewed a makeup artist for my podcast and she recommends getting started with your skincare regiment as early as possible. It will take at least 6 weeks to see any visible changes. It also depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Do you just want dewier, glowing skin? Or do you want to do something more drastic? Your skin is the canvas for your makeup. So if there’s roughness or blemishes, adding makeup to it will call attention to it more. Your best bet to looking radiant is to take care of your skin months leading up to the big day so you can look and feel your best. Her big tips for good skin are washing your makeup off every night AND using a facewash. She also recommends exfoliating about 2x a week. But talking to an esthetician and your makeup artist about your goals will be a good start. Oh, and here’s the podcast episode in case you care to listen. NBD if not. I learned so much! https://verveeventco.com/natural-wedding-beauty-with-erica-martell/. Good luck!

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