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Avatar photoRev. Denise Tracy

Being polite and firm, restating your limits and preferences may be important in letting your MIL know that you only want a certain number of guests. You might ask her to prioritize the guests to be invited. If some people send a no thank you, you can move to invite the next name(s) on her list. This is probably not the last time she will try to press you to get her own way. In years past the mothers were the planners and created the wedding day. Many Moms still think this is still so. The new etiquette is the two people getting married set the tone, create the rules etc. Many people do not realize that weddings now belong to the couple getting married. As a Wedding Officiant who has performed over 1,000 ceremonies, I often suggest that couples explain the change in wedding etiquette to close family members and friends. Rev Denise Tracy, Wedding Officiant

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