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Q: Do we need flowers for the sweetheart table?


Florals are an absolute must for a sweetheart table. This is going to be the focal point of the room. This is going to be where all your toasts happen. It might be in the background for your dancing, really. This is like an intimate moment for photos of you and your spouse. So I absolutely think florals are a necessity. However, there’s some ways you can either bring in, like, your ceremony arch behind it to kind of frame you. If there’s any floral pieces from the floor from ceremony, you can move those in front of the table. Your bridal bouquet can sit on there. You can have a couple of different bouquets from your bridesmaids on there. There’s a lot of ways to reuse florals for your sweetheart table. This is something that doesn’t need to be set up beforehand, so you can use all those ceremony florals for that. But I do think it absolutely needs to have some kind of center focal point just because there’s going to be a lot of photos of the two of you photographed there. And it just going to be really like a wow factor, especially during toast, those photos can be kind of boring, but I think adding that element really just elevates the experience.

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