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ALL TOPICS | Vendor Questions

Q: Do I need to feed Wedding Vendors? When? Where do they sit? What is the Cost?


Quick 1000% yes, please feed your vendors at your wedding. All right guys, let’s talk vendor meals. Do they need to eat? What do they need to eat? When do they need to eat? The quick and dirty of this is yes they are human just like you. Oftentimes they are working 810 twelve hour days and they get hungry just like the rest of us. So please do feed them. A hot meal. Doesn’t need to be the same meal that the rest of your guests are eating but it does need to be a hot meal. Oftentimes a protein and veggies. Make sure you have a vegetarian option for those that do not eat meat as their protein. The win for us. We always say that your media team for sure should be eating when the couple is eating. That way they’re done at the same time as you’re done. Oftentimes your other vendors can wait until the end of everybody else being served the wear. They oftentimes do not need a table at your dining with the rest of your guests. We’re happy to be in a vendor room where we can just decompress, not have to be on, be able to eat our food, chat amongst ourselves, and then get ready to carry out the rest of your day.

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