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Why is videography so expensive?

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Q: Why is videography so expensive?


I think the term expensive is based on the relative perceived value of a wedding video for you as a couple. I’m Jason Monroe, owner and operator of highway 61 films in Chicago. We’ve been making wedding films since 2009. One of the biggest things in terms of expense on our end is equipment costs. We bring a lot more equipment on a wedding day than, say, a photographer would. There are three to four cameras that we use. There’s audio equipment, there’s lighting gear, there’s drones and gimbals tripods light stands. So that’s a big part of the expense from us. Another expense is just the knowledge base that I’ve accrued over the 20 years of being a filmmaker. So we put a lot of skill and things that we’ve learned into putting an artistic edit together. And then there is time and effort beyond even the wedding day. There’s pre production meetings with the couples, and then there’s four to five weeks of editing after the wedding day is even ever with. And we do customize meetings with the couple that helps inform us on how to put a better edit together for them. Because we have no business making a wedding video for a couple that we don’t know. So we do spend time with them beforehand, asking them questions, seeing what their vision is, what they want out of their wedding film, and then limited availability. We only do so many weddings per year, so we can put detailed time and attention into each one and make each of them special.

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