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If a wedding genie suddenly appeared and gave your couple $5,000 for something special on their wedding- would you recommend spending it on fun late night food or elaborate welcome bags for their guests? Why?

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Q: If a wedding genie suddenly appeared and gave your couple $5,000 for something special on their wedding- would you recommend spending it on fun late night food or elaborate welcome bags for their guests? Why?


There are only two things that can make you less drunk.

Oh wedding genie. Where are you? I mean, if there was a wedding genie, we are going with a late night snack.

My recommendation and from what I’ve heard from my couples, is videographer.

In my personal opinion, I would go with experiences over things.

1,000% late night snacks. And this actually comes from my years having been a bartender, as was my 14 years as a wedding photographer.

Is there really a wedding markup?

Q: Is there really a wedding markup?


It’s so bonkers to film a wedding.

Is there a wedding markup? Are wedding vendors just greedy jerks who want to fleece? You know, we are generally honest, hardworking, creative people who want to be paid fairly for our time. Yes.

You’re not crazy. There’s absolutely Wedding market and Libby Dollar. I’ve shot weddings in 26 states. So this is not regional commentary at all.

I would say wedding markup is definitely not a thing.

Is there a wedding markup on services? Kind of. But not without good explanation.

Why are some weddings wonderful and happy, while others are a struggle and stressful?

Q: Why are some weddings wonderful and happy, while others are a struggle and stressful?


Have a Plan B attitude.

Why are some weddings fun and happy and others a struggle? In my opinion. And I have a few thoughts on this, but the top two would be logistical and emotional.

In my experience, it’s all about the personalities at play and that can range from the couple themselves their families and friends, wedding party or your vendor team.

This is all about who you hire. It is very important that you hire professionals that know weddings.

As a wedding planner, some of the biggest stressors that I have seen on the day have to deal with the weather.

What is one wedding trend you wish would just go away forever?



Oh, my gosh, this one is going to get me in trouble….

But I’m just so over the burlap the Mason jars the whole, like, rustic eucalyptus vibes from a wedding planner’s perspective.

Can we please get rid of all of the wedding dresses that no one can walk in?

There is one wedding tradition I would love to see. Get the ax it’s the old school wedding corsage.

The one that needs to get eliminated is QR codes on your wedding stationery.

Can I get a big C ya never On the bride being handed over to the groom by her dad.

This little trend is annoying.

The wedding tradition that I wish would go away forever is sparkler exits.

Now give it up for your maid of honor and best man… can we not?

The new ish trend for weddings that I want to go away forever is bridesmaid first looks.

Hey, hey, hey a goodbye. That’s what I wish would happened to the Garter toss.

What is the biggest mistake couples make?

Q: What is the biggest mistake couples make?


I would highly, highly recommend not doing this.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see a bridesmaid that breaks my heart is that they don’t try on their wedding gown when they pick it up from their seamstress.

So, hands down, the biggest mistake that I see couples making with wedding photography is hiring a friend to do it.

Something that happens over and over and over that I’ve seen over the last 20 years. We hire a stylist for a job interview or for going on that podcast or TV show or what have you. But are you hiring a professional virtual stylist for your wedding day?

What wedding moment made you cry your eyes out?

Q: What Wedding Moment MADE YOU CRY YOUR EYES OUT?


There was not a dry eye in the ballroom. Everyone was crying.

What wedding moment made me cry my eyes out? I’m going to cry just thinking about it. When brides dance with their fathers.

Probably the thing I would cry most often would be the father daughter dance.

We have planned hundreds of weddings, but I will never forget this wedding that truly made me cry. And honestly, thinking about it now is getting me teary eyed.

I’m not generally a very emotional person. It takes a lot for me to get teary eyed or cry, But I would say the thing that really hit me hardest during the wedding day and can get me a little teary eyed tribute to late parents.

I know exactly the wedding for this question.

What’s your insider secret as a wedding pro?

Q: What's your insider secret as a wedding pro?


It’s. Know how to handle the stress before it hits you. That would be the number one advice that I would give a couple starting to plan their wedding. Listen, we all know that planning your wedding could be literally the most stressful time of your life. And it really shouldn’t be. It should be a joyful time. Yeah, sure, there’s going to be lots of stress and lots of decisions and lots of deadlines that you’ve got to hit. But the end of the day, it should be joyful, right? You’re starting to create one of the most special days of your life. And as soon as that stress hits and it’s not joyful, you need to stop and put a hole on everything. What I’d like for you to do is really think now before it begins on how you handle stress, right? Is it exercise? Is it meditation? Personally, what I would suggest is before you start this, really start a nice bond with your party planner. You’ve hired them for a reason. You hire them because you trust them, because you like them, because they would be your friend outside of this craziness of planning a wedding. So depend on them when it starts to get out of hand, lean on them. They’ve done this before and they can really help you pull you out of that rut and get you back on the right track, because it should be a joyful time. So many times I see a couple sitting in front of me at a meeting and I see that expression on their face and I say to them, guys, stop now and let’s regroup because this is the most important time of your life. We want that very special day. But you also don’t want those bad memories of what a nightmare it was leading up to that special day, right? So think about that. Think about how you handle stress. Put an end to it and it’ll be a little easier if it does become overwhelming because you’re actually prepared on how to handle it. That’s the most important thing I would say to a couple starting down this crazy road of planning a wedding.

What is one thing you see go wrong on the wedding day?

Q: What is one thing you see go wrong on the wedding day?


You. Hi, I’m Lyn, a New England wedding photographer, and I want to talk about one of the things I see go wrong. A lot that is easily fixed on a wedding day, and that is a bride really struggling to get into her dress on her wedding day and finalize her outfit and then running late because of it, late to the ceremony, late to the first look. And this is easily avoidable if you just make sure that you try on your full wedding dress, including all of the undergarments or boob tape and all the other things you’re going to do for that day before the wedding day itself. You want to make sure you take the time to put all of those garments on to button every single button, to hook every single eye. Hook whatever you have to do to make sure that you have your full wedding look on yourself to see how long that takes, if it’s going to take you a lot longer than you thought, or if the tape that you need to do actually shows through. Or maybe there’s a finicky piece that is going to take longer to deal with now, you know, and you can budget time for that so that you’re not running behind and getting stressed.

Who pays for the wedding?

Q: Who pays for the wedding?


Who’s paying me. My name is Jean. I’m an event planner in the Philadelphia area. And for weddings, I’m mostly seeing the couple pay me. It’s funny. If it’s a check, it might be from the parents, but if it’s Venmo, it’s from the couple, so and but most often it is venmo, and most often it is from the couple. So unless they offer the details of who’s paying for what and how they’re working their finances, I don’t ask for my own payment or our vendor team. But my assumption is that the couple is paying for things and then maybe their families are reimbursing them for some expenses. But I’m seeing the couple. Thanks.

What is the most difficult part of the wedding day? Why?

Q: What is the most difficult part of the wedding day? Why?


It. I would have to say from my perspective as a planner, the most difficult time for couples is 30 minutes before the wedding, and that is during that hurry up and wait time because you have hurried up and gotten your dress, got makeup done, gotten to the venue, hurried up and ate, hurry up and did all these photos and now you’re just waiting? You are waiting for guests to arrive. You’re awaiting until you’re about to go down the aisle. And nervousness, anxiety, all those things set in 30 minutes before the grooms are like, am I making the right decision, bro, do you have the rings? Brides are like, Did I do this? Did I forget this? Did I remember this? Are guests having a good time? Are they sitting where they’re supposed to sit? So that becomes the most difficult time. What I would say to you is, during that waiting period, relax. Let go and release. What I mean is relax and be in the moment. Let go of the worries of things didn’t get done. Release whatever anxiety and stressors you have and be in the moment and realize what you’re about to do. You’re about to walk down the aisle to meet your favorite person. And during that 30 minutes of high anxiety, be confident and confide in I am making the right decisions. It’s go time.

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