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Welcome to the uncorked project

We are a membership for engaged couples.  With the help of a little liquid courage, we discuss what no one else will tell you about wedding planning. 
Engaged couples can ask any question related to wedding planning, from money to mothers-in-laws.  With a quick video response, our pros share advice, insights, opinions, or even a tutorial. 
Newlyweds share their real life challenges, experiences and advice through our in studio interviews and videos they submit themselves.
We believe weddings are not one-size-fits-all and it’s time to shake up the ‘picture perfect’ wedding industry. We’ve created a new platform for today’s real couples that brings together and connects the wedding world by learning from a diverse group of smart people willing to share their expertise, advice, experiences, and opinions – through video. 
It’s time to shake up the wedding industry.  Join us!

Meet The Team

Welcome to
the uncorked project

Our goal is to bring together and connect the wedding world to laugh, share, learn and talk about everything that happens when you are planning a wedding.
Wedding planning can be a strange time of life.  Do you wake up at 3am worrying about your family dynamics, your endless wedding to-do list, or how you’ll pay for all of it?
You’re not alone.
Join other newlyweds going through the same process you are, wedding pros who have been through it hundreds of times and newlyweds who just lived it and share their experiences.
Get insights, advice, and real-life stories from engaged couples, newlyweds, and wedding professionals from our interviews. Share your thoughts, questions, ideas, and opinions in the discussions. Then dive into our Real Wedding Discussion forums and be part of a private wedding community.
Join us… we are just getting started!

Meet our team

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