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We’ve created a space for people who are planning a wedding to gather and connect.

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Ask Diana Dorsey, owner of Simply Elegant by Diana, your wedding questions.

Diana Dorsey is a certified wedding planner and owner at Simply Elegant by Diana. Founded in 2010, Diana has planned hundreds of weddings and events all over the country, but is based in San Francisco, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

Diana has built a six-figure business, executed over 300+ weddings, and averages 45 weddings per year. She has been published in Party Slate, Martha Stewart Weddings, Modern Weddings, Brides Magazine, Maharani Weddings, Glamour & Grace and voted one of Top 19 Bay Area Wedding Planners for 2022, by SFist.com.


Wedding planning has not been fun and I have only been doing it for a few days. YIKES! I’m so overwhelmed with where to even begin… and if one more person asks me, “when’s the wedding?”, I’m going to explode. I tried talking to my fiancé about helping me find vendors, and he responded, “Whatever vendors you want is fine with me.” I have spent hours trying to find possible venues, while my fiancé played video games, and I feel like I’m no closer to figuring out any of this. When I told my fiancé how much I don’t want to plan this wedding, he got mad at me and asked why I even wanted to get married if I don’t want to plan the wedding… I brought up the possibility of eloping, but he said his family wouldn’t be ok with that. I responded, “Fine! Then let your family plan our wedding!” Probably wasn’t the best thing to respond… but I’m so fing over being the only one who is actively trying to plan this thing.

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You may think you are superhuman on your wedding day, but this is a recipe for chaos and stress. Wedding planning is an ideal time to master the art of the ask.

Kara Maureen has a fascinating job. She is a Bridal Coach that specializes in navigating all the family drama, identity issues, emotional challenges and mental transformations that come with planning a wedding.

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